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Why ASK?

ASK provides practical and emotional support to adoptees, fostered individuals, first relatives, foster relatives and adoptive relatives in an open, warm, caring and accepting way. We welcome all adoptees - whether from closed, open, domestic or international adoptions.

ASK is a community-based organization dedicated to providing support around adoption search and reunion. We provide support to all members of the adoption community at all stages of the search and reunion process. You are welcome no matter where you are in your adoption journey - whether you have questions about adoption issues, are thinking about searching, in search, at reunion, post-reunion or non-reunion. We treat all members of the adoption community with respect and dignity.

We ask our membership what services they would like to see, encourage them to vote on issues and to become involved with the organization. The Board of Directors is accountable to the membership for its actions. ASK has by-laws which must be followed at all times and ASK abides by the Principles and Practices of Parent Finders Canada (Vancouver). Unlike the closed adoption system, the Board of Directors does not operate in secret.

ASK will appeal to adoptees seeking support in an empathetic atmosphere. First relatives looking for an organization that offers them specialized search tips while treating them with respect and dignity will be attracted to ASK. Adoptive relatives seeking information and assistance in dealing with adoption issues, search and/or reunion will be able to find help at ASK. You are not alone.

By creating a successful welcoming support group, we hope that members will encourage other community members to join ASK. A recent Toronto study shows that most people attend similar groups when friends and acquaintances recommend them. In addition, we use posters, flyers, and public service announcements to advertise our services and events.